Strength.... Perseverance.... Patience.... Integrity

The Wraith is a creature of unknown depth to the ordinary human, and it also affects the animal population. Life on this planet as in all things, is in harmony with the Universe, from the smallest blade of grass under foot to the distant stars. Scientifically speaking all things are made of atoms and infinitesimally enormous amounts of dark matter that man has yet to understand. Dark Matter makes up the greater part of the known universe.

But what can we know of the universe when it spans distances so great that in ten thousand of our lifetimes we can not cross it. With secrets so vast that contemplation is an endless endeavor, and the knowledge that the greatest minds of the modern age haven't even scratched the surface.

The Spark that charges the proton the electron and the neutron, also provides life on many levels. The sun and the moon and the planets in this system are made of atoms, and are like one giant atom in this functioning universe. Consider a solar system as an atom with the sun as the nucleus.

If we only use one quarter of our brains, then what is the rest for? Sometimes called grey matter it seems to span the black and white, the dark and light. Inward seeking may reveal some astounding things.

The Wraith is the kinetic energy that flows between known and unknown, and dwells in the darkmatter within and without. It can be perceived as many things realistic and surrealistic.

Part Yamabushi .... Part Raven

Half Bird .... Half Man

speaks to Spirits.... speaks to Humans

A Demon of the Air.... A messenger from the Heavens

A Quasi Deity of infinite form and knowledge

Know The VOID

The elements are ever changeable but ever the same.

Know the Void