Strength.... Perseverance.... Patience.... Integrity

Cossack and Turk, Cowboy and Indian, Bantu and Zulu, Apache and Mongol, Spartan and Samurai, Soldier and Marine, Pilot and Sailor, Police and Hunter. The Warrior Spirit has run through all tribes mighty and small since the dawn of time. Even now it stretches into the future and prepares a new line of warriors for the coming conflicts. Man has always found his way through opposition with trial and error.

The times dictate that one must learn from the failures and the triumphs of the past to make way in the coming age. Thus we hone our skills to find our peace with war raging all around us. For our family and friends, and future generations, we must be watchful and train for the day we hope never to encounter, but know it's already upon us.

The Mind is the most powerful weapon of all.

Know The VOID

The elements are ever changeable but ever the same.

Know the Void