Strength.... Perseverance.... Patience.... Integrity

Torii  Of The Shinto  MiyaJima  Southern Honshu Nippon

Spirit, Phantom, Ghost, Apparition, Wraith, Shade, is it a vision or a dream in a wakeful state.... Perception is a powerful thing to behold, as no two people who see an event , report it exactly the same way. Not just beauty, but everything is in the eye of the beholder.

Meditation, prayer, chanting and other forms of self hypnosis are means to open the spirit and become an enabler of the desired effect. Meditation and Kuji-in type finger positions are methods of tapping the energy of the form you wish to use, and channeling it through the spirit and the essence of your own energy.

Tibetan Mystics are capable of feats that defy modern scholars. From walking on red hot coals without being burned, to piercing their bodies with out shedding a drop of blood. They have also been known to lower their heart rate and put them selves into a trance, or a sort of suspended animation or deep sleep , very reminiscent of a hibernating bear. Mysticism in all cultures is the connection to our ancestors and our future. The mind- brain, and the soul- heart -spirit united as one fulcrum of power, is capable of reaching into the unknown, and finding the will and the way.

In many instances the family religion is the means of introduction to the supernatural. Gods always seem to be opposed by an evil force, be it Devils or Demons or other unknown entities. Concentration and focus along with relaxation are the keys to any desired end.

Know The VOID

The elements are ever changeable but ever the same.

Know the Void


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