Strength.... Perseverance.... Patience.... Integrity

Holding the Ritual Sword, and cleaving the dimensions between planes of existence and Terra Firma, the mist brings forth the Tengu. Teaching the mystic martial mountain method, passed on from immortal spirits, goblins and demons, renders and shedders. The souls of dead and wronged warriors are manifest in restless phantoms and ghosts, and return to impart their resolve and experience to the willing. The unknown path through the underworld for some, is a one way journey to oblivion. For others it is a vast highway for strengthening their open enlightenment, and the balance of focus and perception through meditation and martial training.

The raven with the ability to deliver messages from beyond, has always struck fear in the hearts of men. A single raven brings superstition, and the omen of death. A Sorrow of Ravens brings certain doom, and the knowledge that the demon spirit resides in any raven, or multiples there of, for a Sorrow it is.

A murder of Crows is well named, for when the dark hoard descends death is on the wing. The spirit world is receptive and seeking new transitional beings to fill out the ranks. A cross over is eminent for the cycle of life and death is endless.


One Raven for sorrow .... Two Ravens for joy

Three Ravens for a girl .... Four Ravens for a boy

Five Ravens for silver .... Six Ravens for gold

Seven Ravens for secrets never to be told

Know The VOID

The elements are ever changeable but ever the same.

Know the Void