Between Myth and Magic TENGU DO


Strength.... Perseverance.... Patience.... Integrity

East Wind is said to be hatched from an egg, or at least that is the tale as told to the few who have heard of him. Fewer still have seen him. He is of the Legendary Tengu that haunt the mountains meadows, and now even the city. In this case a Karasu Tengu or Raven Goblin, also a Spirit Man and Trickster and Shape Shifter. Perhaps the egg is at the core of our consciousness, since in fact all of us started out as a fertilized egg.

All is vibrations of sound. East Wind has been known to be especially conscious of the tonalities of the human spirit and the colors of the shifting tides of time. In so much as the direct and precise moment of emergence can not be known at this juncture, knowledge may be gained upon looking through the mist and shadows to find certain perceptions of truths.

East Wind is of the air and is one with the Elements and the Void as well as the Timestream, the Brotherhood of Thought, the Grounders of Reality and the Fanners of the Flame to name the Fore Majore.

Time has no beginning and no end....

Knowledge Of The VOID

Through the past on the Timestream the path leads through many names and many cultures, around the globe and across continents. The trail leads from Warrior to Priest to Shaman through Witch Doctor to Philosopher. From Heads of State to Farmers and Sailors and Entities of unknown origin and Phantoms and Legends. A remnant of that spirit has from time to time appeared to us in various forms, and once again emerged now as East Wind.

East Wind is DaiTengu of A Sorrow Of Ravens that holds sway in the twenty first century and exists in the present as a direct spiderweb through the past. Between the stars and the dust dwells the unknown and the unexplained and life and the pursuit of knowledge drive us ever forward.

Change is the ONLY constant, Time is the ONLY continuum....


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