Strength.... Perseverance.... Patience.... Integrity

When the Iga fled to the mountains and became one with the elements and the beasts of the forest, they also joined with the Tengu who were Demons to some and quasi Angels or Demi Gods to others. It was said that knowledge of Heaven and Hell and all that lies between is the domain of the Tengu. To some life on earth is Hell, and humans are the Devils because of the suffering they inflict upon their fellow man and all else around them.

To join with Demons is to know strife, hardship and the terrors of the underworld. Death is at every turn and life is an impossible dance through a volcano. The people of Iga became shadows and wraiths and fought with powers unknown to humans. To become fire , earth or water, and flow through the air, is just the beginning. Becoming invisible and invincible, and to live in the face of death, is the way of the Iga. This they learned from the Tengu in the spirit world during their voyage through the Mystic.

The power of the Raven is known to many cultures around the globe. As a shapeshifter and a changeling, the Corax Raven Crow whispers of knowledge from between the worlds, the realm known as the Void.

Know The VOID

The elements are ever changeable but ever the same.

Know the Void