Futuro Cell Leader for Clone Alliance, a violent splinter group of the B.O.T.C.H. Veteran of the Clone Wars, the War Against The Womb Born. The Futuro clone series has always been produced under the strictest secrecy, their high battle survival rate points to special modifications within their DNA. Futuro clones have only one known weakness, an unnatrual attraction to clones that resemble the Ur Dolly. Clonus Bonus, flunky in a Clone Alliance Cell is a defective copy of a well know clone/terrorist. The Bonus series (ironic name isn't it) came into being due cost saving measures at Galactic Labs, rather than throw out their failed growths they introduced the Bonus series as their "Economy Model". No Brain No Pain takes on a whole new meaning with this low cost, low expectations, no returns product. Ashli Yarn Talking Head for KMELV and investigative reporter. Ashli tears into a scandal like a pit bull into a sack of kittens. If there's dirt on you it's probably already in Ashli's files. Though she denies any connections with Liquid Labor and Dr. Galactic she has been seen meeting secretly with the Shamen.  
  Jack de Tripper Mayor for Life of MelveVille is of human stock, among the first transportee's to MelveVille in the early days. Of Victorian Terran stock Mayor Jack is the foremost serial killer to grace MelveVille in many a year. During his tenure as Mayor he has vowed to only hunt clones due to this his body count has not risen in recent years and Onomatopeia is closing the gap. Obviously Mayor Jack does not have the support of The Clone Alliance. The Patriarch _ Soon to be MartyredThe Patriarch, Founder and Leader of the B.O.T.C.H. a terrorist group dedicated to the destruction of the Human Race. The Patriarch leads the Church of the Apocalypso Angel and records the signs of The End of Days. His followers are in violent opposition to the Society of Adam, The Choich of Melve and The Clone Alliance, basically they can't get along with anyone. Blessed be The Patriarch, submit thyself unto him. Josiah Ebenezer Whopper Heads the MelveVille Supreme Court and is known as the Henry Ford of Executions, the Judge has handed out 78967 Death Sentences, 72 Life Terms, and .5 Aquittals (The Infamous Siamese Cat Burglar Case). The Judge is a major stockholder in Galactic Research and a known supporter of their humanitarian efforts.  

Leopardman Sub-Lieutenant, in Command of Divisional Fragment Alpha, Sector Thirteen of the Chairmans Committee on Public Relations and Tourism, Cheetos Felinicus. Cheetos is MelveVille's Chief Border guard. Since all members of the PussPrint Clans claim royal heritage Cheetos must keep up appearances with a large estate, this costs money. So remember, when you visit MelveVille bring cash cause Cheetos doesn't accepet American Excess�.

Decrepit Bob, first human citizen of MelveVille, official taste taster of LiftoLife� and president of the Bathtub Distillers Union and Drinking Society. Decrepit Bob is a nasty snaggletoothed pain in the ass but as the initial member of his species to arrive in MelveVille, Bob has some unknown powers that make him invulnerable to the various sect's and cliques operating within MelveVille's environs. Heckler Jive  
  Ziti and Ragu The Blues Sisters. Assassins for The Dean Martin Society and trouble shooters for Guido Spigatroni. Daddy's Girls with Guns. Little is known about the Blues Sisters and they are on the run as we speak due to an atrocity committed during the recent Society wars against the Sinatra Boys. Guido Spigatroni President of Liquid Labor Security Services, UnderBoss in the Dean martin Society and leader of Mayor Jacks "special projects" team. Guido is privy to all the classified infomation of the various factions, thus placing him in a very powerful if precarious situation. Sister Mary "The Enforcer" Melvina grew up in the streets and back Alleys of Mobdom, as well as the inner sanctum of her father Don Luigi Spigatroni, leader of the Dean Martin Society. An extremely devout indivdual Sister Mary has been known to bless her enemies with a death fitting of The Christos  
  This is George, whatttaya lookin' at?!? Never seen a snowman before? George was recently rescued from the DeathCult Webmasters of the Highest Sort by Martial Melve. George is the companion to Onomatopeia who is still at large following his amazing escape from The MelveVille Cablevision Correctional Facility. George is to be considered armed and cranky. Al Farkle, N.E.R.F. Leader recently blown to his composite atoms during a television interview mishap. Nerf's tend to be in the wrong place at the wrong time but that can be explained by the fact that it is always the wrong place and the wrong time to be in the same room as a Nerf. For more information on Nerf's please check your historical references for Geek, Nerd and Loser. Mata Skorb is a SWC seeking terrorist companion for bombings, killings and general mayhem. Mata Skorb enjoys building detonators and disassembling clones for spare parts. If you find him interesting please send an anonymous message through the usual channels.  

Festus Fujimaki ace executioner for MelveVille known for his Shinjkage Cord Snapper stroke. A Baskerville native shrouded in mystery, earns his credits dispatching lawbreakers under the direct orders to the Supreme Judiciary of MelveVille. through his efforts as a major hmanitarian in MelveVille he see's that the stockpiles of fresh genetic materials are always avaiable. Festus moonlights as security consultante to Galactic Research and as an orthrodox Baskervillian his Basket of Authority is always in place, on his head.

Ivana Crumpet, head of Internal Propaganda and Public Relations for Snarfy Industries. Creator of the prime time hit "Hogtie The Hooligans." Ivana's enemies seem to inevitably become unwilling guests of honor on the long  
  Nelson Walker Onomatopeia a supreme being from a distant universe with the mind of a 4 year old...a 4 year old that has missed his nap. Onomatopeia and his companion George the Snowman are still at Large following their bloody jailbreak and are considered suspects in the Creampuff Massacre aboard the Basking Queen, the bloody sausage mishap in the Mayors pantry and the theft of candy from a baby.  
  Violet Mourning Dr. Galactic a brilliant geneticist and humanitarian, shrouded in mystery, his life is a cypher. Whether Dr. Galatic is Human or Alien is not know, but as Founder and Controller of Galactic Reasearch it is an undisputed fact that the Doctor wields enormous power in MelveVille.