Lolly Mason

Lolly Mason  
Lolly at athe Bar

From 1993 through 2007 LOLLY hosted a Cable Access TV show called LOLLY'S REMEDIES. The show featured everything from Lolly preparing COCKTAILS to riding a camel at the Bronx Zoo to falling off a champion jumper horse. She visited restaurants and interviewed people from all sorts of professions and occupations. A true variety show with emphasis on variety.

LOLLY a bartender to the stars, is famous for her cocktail creations that taught the world, and influenced the way cocktails are made to this day. She is among the most awarded bartenders on record. and has been a member of the Boston Bartenders Hall Of Fame since 1994. Through her TV show she brought party preparations and Cocktails to a new high of appreciation, and that included the patrons at her bar.

Lolly's Remedies Cocktail
Lolly doing and intro in NYC

The theme song to her TV show is "BODY SLAM", and Lolly's voice is featured in the techno sound that issues from the Musical group known as "BAKIMONO".

BAKIMONO released two CDs. The first is "LITTLE MONSTER" and is a play on the Japanese word for monster BAKEMONO. The second is "FEED THE MACHINE" and is electronica like it's predecessor and features Lolly's voice throughout. It was made to be partial music for her TV show. A third CD from BAKIMONO is still poised to be released, and is called "TRINITY". Some of that music can be heard on LOLLY'S myspace page, and the pages of BAKIMONO and DOCTOR GALACTIC.

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